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Help: Weapon heavy crossbow.txt

HEAVY CROSSBOW (ranged) ======================= Weight: ~7 kg Rank(s): any A heavy crossbow is a short, powerful bow mounted on a rifle-like stock. It is aimed and fired like a rifle. Historically, heavy crossbows were more powerful than bows and had better hitting power at a greater range, but they were also far slower. The heavy crossbows were invented sometime in the Dark Medieval Times, but didn't come into widespread use until the Crusades. Heavy crossbows grew distinguished from the medium crossbows later, when the weapon developed to the level than they couldn't be drawn by hand and had to be winched back by a hand-held device called the 'cranequin'. Heavy crossbows, the arbalests, can kill the opponent with the first shot, but may not get another chance. See also: Arrow, blowpipe, bolt, shuriken, shortbow, composite bow, longbow, light crossbow and medium crossbow.

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