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Help: Weapon katana.txt

KATANA (long blade) ==================== Weight: ~3 kg Rank(s): 1st row This single-edged, slightly curved sword ends in a chisel point. It is perhaps one of the finest types of sword made, noted for its superior construction and design. Great care is taken in making the katana, and the forging and construction of it is considered a rare and valuable art. The weaponsmith must labor long hours to achieve the correct temper of the blade. When correctly made, the blade is light, well-balanced, strong, flexible and resilient. The quality of the metal and forging allows the blade to be ground to a razor- sharp edge. In addition, such blades are often beautifully decorated with etched designs, prayers, or family lineages. Equal attention is given to the hilt, guard, and scabbard of the weapon. Katanas may have individual names, reflecting deeds of glory in which they have been used. For the samurai, the katana is more than just a sword. It is part of his honor and the honor of his family. It is his personal weapon, not to be used by others. To touch the scabbard of the sheathed katana is to insult the samurai. To draw the blade without permission is a graver insult. A single katana may have been in the same family for generations, becoming a treasured heirloom. To lose such a weapon is a shameful disgrace that can be swept clean only by the recovery of the weapon and the punishment of those who have taken it. Many samurai have given their lives to recover a family weapon. Some skill(s) usable with the weapon: Decapitate, long blades and slash. See also: 2h sword, bastard sword, claymore, falchion, flamberge, longsword, no-dachi and shovel.

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