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LANCE (polearm) =============== Weight: ~3-10 kg Rank(s): 1st and 2nd row The term "lance" originally referred to spears wielded by footmen and cavalry. It eventually referred only to cavalry spears. Lance design varies between cultures and eras. Generally, the lance is a long shaft of tough wood, usually ash, with an iron head in the shape of a laurel or willow leaf, with cutting edges and a sharp point meant to penetrate armor. Lances are meant to be gripped close to the bottom, putting a great distance between the wielder and his target. As a rule, the lance is aimed diagonally above the horse's neck. The opponents face each other with their left sides oncoming. Along with almost any variety of sword, the lance is considered the best offensive weapon for mounted soldiers. Some knights carry a small fabric pennant affixed just below the lance head. These pennants are either triangular or square, and carry the colors or symbols of the knight's family or liege. In parades, lances are held vertically, with the butt set in a stirrup or on the horseman's right thigh. On a march, the lance is held across the shoulder, across the saddlebow, or horizontally alongside the horse. Through evolution, weaponsmiths sought to increase the damage caused by the lance by making them heavier. One of the biggest problems with using a lance is the jarring impact on the user. In order to address this problem, a thick leather ring called a graper is fitted to the shaft just behind the wielder's hand. This acts as a stop against the armpit, halting the lance's rearward motion upon impact. Another important part of a lance is a rest. The rest is a small, sometimes folding bracket fixed to the right side of the knight's breastplate armor. The graper is leaned against this rest when the lance is in use. The rest enables the knight to get the maximum push from his lance, inflicting the most damage. Some skill(s) usable with the weapon: Battlecry, impale, lure, mangle and polearms. See also: Javelin, short spear, harpoon, ranseur, boar spear, bardiche, long spear, fauchard, trident, glaive, gisarme, pilum, pike, voulge and halberd.

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