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Help: Weapon light crossbow.txt

LIGHT CROSSBOW (ranged) ======================= Weight: ~1.5 kg Rank(s): any This deadly little bow is a pistol-sized weapon made with a steel tiller. It is more easily concealed than the medium crossbow and its use is considered unethical in civilized society. Light crossbows have a reloading mechanism built into the tiller. Apparently, the drow couldn't care less about the light crossbow's reputation, since they favor this weapon in all encounters. Derro also use light crossbows, probably a habit they picked up from their fellow subterranean dwellers, the drow. Light crossbows are easily concealed, have an adequate rate of fire, and good range for such a small weapon. On the other hand, damage potential is worse than that of a dagger, and the weapon may be banned in some lawful kingdoms or cities. Some societies, such as the drow, place poison on their bolts in order to immobilize an opponent. See also: Arrow, blowpipe, bolt, shuriken, shortbow, composite bow, longbow, medium crossbow and heavy crossbow.

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