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Help: Weapon medium crossbow.txt

MEDIUM CROSSBOW (ranged) ======================== Weight: ~4 kg Rank(s): any A crossbow is a bow mounted crosswise on a wooden or metal shaft, the latter called a tiller. The bow is usually made of ash or yew. The crossbow fires a quarrel (also called a bolt). Crossbows are loaded by pulling the string back until it locks onto a nut fitted on the tiller. A man's strength is enough to pull the bow to the locking position, although heavier crossbows with more powerful bows require a mechanical aid. The most effective of these devices is the windlass, a series of pulleys and crank handles fitted at the crossbow's stock. For crossbows that do not have the windlass, a stirrup is fitted on the front of the crossbow. When resetting the bow, the firer places his foot in the stirrup in order to keep the bow off the ground while he is pulling the string up to the locking position. The main differences between the light and heavy crossbows are the size of the quarrel and the presence of a stirrup, which is found only on the heavy crossbow. Heavy and light crossbows are more correctly referred to as two-foot and one-foot crossbows, respectively. This term refers to the length of the quarrels. The one-foot crossbow is made with a steel tiller and is quite rugged. It may be easily concealed beneath flowing garments such as cloaks or robes. It is frowned upon by the more lawful, civilized cities. Although bows cannot be used underwater, the crossbow can, since the tension produced by the weapon overcomes the water resistance. Underwater races such as the locathah, mermen, and tritons use crossbows of both heavy and light varieties. Of all the crossbows, medium crossbows were the first to be developed. Their rate of fire and range are their main advantages. But damage potential is less than that of a bow and arrow. See also: Arrow, blowpipe, bolt, shuriken, shortbow, composite bow, longbow, light crossbow and heavy crossbow.

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