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Help: Weapon rapier.txt

RAPIER / FOIL (short blade) =========================== Weight: ~2 kg Rank(s): 1st row The rapier is a light weapon with a straight, double-edged, pointed blade. It is designed to be a light, thrusting sword. The term rapier is often used to describe a civilian weapon, as opposed to the heavier and deadlier swords of soldiers and mercenaries. Rapiers are fashionable among nobles and gentlemen. As a new art of fighting evolved with emphasis on thrusting with the blade as opposed to slashing, a new weapon was required. This art is known as fencing, and it requires a rapier. As the sport grew in popularity, the rapier was required to be narrower and lighter. It became not a slashing weapon at all, but a weapon purely for thrusting. The early rapier handles have straight quillons (cross guards), side guards, and knuckle bows. The later versions have shell guards, similar to the basket hilts of the broad sword and cutlass. As a result, the rapier wielder enjoys the same Parry and punching bonuses outlined earlier. Some skill(s) usable with the weapon: Bladed fury, battlecry, bloodlust, cardiac stimulation, damn armament, lure, pierce, short blades, stab and vampiric blow. See also: Knife, dagger, main gauche, dirk, poker, foil, sai, wakizashi, short sword, scimitar, cutlass, and horn.

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