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Help: Weapon shuriken.txt

SHURIKEN (ranged) ================= Weight: ~0.1kg Rank(s): any This small throwing weapon comes in many sizes and shapes. Three varieties are known: Spike shuriken look like large pins, tapering to a sharp point. Large star shuriken are larger. They may also be gripped in the fist, with one sharpened point projecting between the fingers, and used as a punching weapon. Small star shuriken have three or more razor-edged points, ensuring that at least one point will strike the opponent. All shuriken are thrown by hand and have a limited range. They are easily hidden in folds of clothing or tucked into sashes. Spike shuriken can even be worn in the hair. See also: Arrow, blowpipe, bolt, shortbow, composite bow, longbow, light crossbow, medium crossbow and heavy crossbow.

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