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Help: Weapon wakizashi.txt

WAKIZASHI (short blade) ======================= Weight: ~1.5 kg Rank(s): 1st row This is a short sword, similar in design and construction to the katana. Like the katana, the wakizashi may be named for some past deed or event. It holds almost as important place in the samurai's honor as his katana. Those rules and guidelines concerning the katana and its care also apply to the wakizashi when it is part of a matched set. The wakizashi and the katana are normally worn as a pair by samurai characters. This pair is known as 'daisho', or "long and short". In many lands, the two-weapon combination is a sign of samurai status. Anyone other than a samurai who wears the long and short swords together is subject to arrest or immediate execution. Some skill(s) usable with the weapon: Bladed fury, battlecry, bloodlust, cardiac stimulation, damn armament, lure, pierce, short blades, stab and vampiric blow. See also: Knife, dagger, main gauche, dirk, rapier, poker, foil, sai, short sword, scimitar, cutlass, and horn.

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