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Help: Weapon warhammer.txt

WARHAMMER (bludgeon) ==================== Weight: ~3 kg Rank(s): 1st row Mounted knights cannot effectively use long pole weapons while on horseback, and as a result, many weapons have been fitted with shorter shafts so they may be wielded with just one hand. Maces and flails are two previous examples of this--the war hammer is another. The horseman's war hammer is the descendent of the Lucerne hammer. It is made entirely of steel, with rondels protecting and strengthening the grip. Rondels are small disks of metal, often shaped into decorative designs. The shaft is about 18 inches long. Dwarves favor war hammers as a primary weapon. It is guessed that, given the dwarves' skill in using the hammer for non-combative purposes, they naturally developed the skill for using it as a weapon of war. The war hammer personifies the dwarven race: short, tough, and blunt. Some war hammers are fitted with a spike at the top. Some skill(s) usable with the weapon: Battlecry, bludgeons, lure, pound and pulverize. See also: Blackjack, staff, jo, ice pick, whip, club, hammer, pick, cudgel, morningstar, mace, war mattock, battle mace, flail and maul.

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