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Help: When to ask a wizard

General help about when to ask a wizard for help... =================================================== Wizards are a busy bunch either idling, boozing or coding. So here are a few general things in order to speed up you getting help. Do _NOT_ bother a wizard in these cases: - You want to know how to complete a quest, solve a riddle in the game. find a monster's weakness, learn an item's power, get personal info about another player, or anything else that would require them to use their wizard powers. Wizards are _not_ permitted to divulge information about the game code they learned using their coding abilities -- if they did not learn the information as a mortal, they are not allowed to tell you anything. Asking them to cheat for you is forbidden. Ask your fellow players instead. - Someone stole something from you or was mean to you. (Unless you are getting repeatedly pkilled for no reason in which case read 'help player killing'.) - If you have lost something like money or items. There can be players that steal from you or some event that has caused the incident. Ask other players if an event was recently run. - You have died and want a resurrection or reincarnation. There are many ressers/reincers in the game. Use the ghost channel to ask for one, but do not, repeat _not_, ask a wizard for a ress or reinc. Unless it is due to a bug. - As a general rule: ask newbie helpers first (who helper) usually they have an answer for your problems. If they can't answer you then try reading the various help files. Most questions are answered in help files, and information about areas are mostly found in the area's room descriptions. Wizards code tricks and traps in their areas and they really don't like giving answers to puzzles they have coded. - Do NOT ask wizards if spells, monsters, experience or something else has been changed. Players are supposed to play game and gain playing experience and knowledge by playing. Most of the time we give you subtle hints anyway. Also check the news groups inform, updates, and your guilds group. One more thing to remember: Wizards MUST NOT give you answers concerning how some things work in BatMUD. Wizards may get deleted doing that. So don't bother asking, play and experience the game instead. The only time you should bother a wizard is when something bugs. In that case talk to the wizard who made the bugging code but read the help file called 'known bugs' first. Ask around if someone else has noticed anything and if nobody has yet told a wizard about the problem, use the 'bug' command. (That's what it's there for.) See also: help player killing, help events, help reimburse, help bug, help player killing

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