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Help: Who to ask

Who to ask - General --------------------------- This help file tries to advise who to ask about bugs in general code. It is important to ask the right people about bugs. Coders do not know how other coders code is done internally; also they can't fix others' code without hours of investigation; and that would not be polite. Arches can fix/disable anyone's code if they see it absolute necessary. First thing you should try when looking for help with something is the newbie or wanted channels, see also 'help when to ask a wizard'. Tell or mail these people if you have something to ask or you notice 'bugs' in the following subjects. (See `help who to ask about guilds' or `help guilds' for guild related issues.) Primary arches (in no particular order) ======================================= BatMUD: Zin, Juggelo, Ulath BatMUD classic: Durand HC BatMUD: Moght, Zin Batclient: Amarth Administrative ============== Donates B.A.T. ry board (see RL events & Cons Ulath Wizzing Durand, Favorit In-game areas of responsibility =============================== Battle-system Any Archwizard. Effects Blasterr Emotes/feelings Favorit, Dralith Events Coders of individual events. Guilds/skills/spells Juggelo & Shinarae (see also 'help guilds') Lost passwords Any level 150+ wizard (see 'help lost password') Materials Madrid, Shinarae Monster-code Tomba, Gront, Shinarae New Player Cities Tomba & Gront. Zin for chests Newbie Helpers Noctur, Pahvi Newbie Warehouse Shinarae Party-system Any lvl 150+ wizard Plants & Ores Shinarae Quests Contact the quests coder or any lvl 150+ wiz. Races Juggelo Reagents Shinarae Reincarnations Any arch. Societies Tomba Ships Tarken Weapons/Armours/Items Shinarae, Zin Major areas and cities ====================== World Dralith, Ulath Arelium Ulath, Dralith Tyr Farwyn Heidel Dortlewall Heidel, Darol Shadowkeep Amarth Lorenchia Entropy, Ulath Rilynt'tar Ulath, Poet Calythien Grimsh Pleasantville Dralith, Shardik, Pahvi E'siris Dralith, Ulath and Blasterr (quests) Network systems =============== News system Favorit, Dralith Mail system Favorit InterMUD Tomba Website ( Dralith, Gore Social media Any Archwizard, Tarken Absolutely nothing Dire Absolutely anything Any arch, Dralith (if all else fails) Most of the time coders are very busy. We have lot of things going on and we can't/won't interrupt our doings everytime someone has something to ask. Use mail for asking things, or post to bugs or ideas-wanted. Also note that most level 150-199 wizards know (or can find out) how a specific part of the code works, so you may want to try with such a wizard first, before bothering an Archwizard.

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