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Help: Why archwizards are assholes

There are 2 types of archwizards on Bat, active and inactive. Active archs code and idle. Inactive archs idle. You can rarely get in touch with an inactive arch, so they must be assholes for ignoring you. You almost always can get the attention of an active arch. Because there are so few active archs they are swamped with requests. These requests are 99% of the time something that is in the help files or something any player could answer. This makes most archs cranky. Now, to make bat a little less chaotic, most everything that gets installed in the game goes through an arch. This insures that at least one other person has looked at the code and caught any obvious problems. Now, since there are so few archs this job is time consuming. This makes most archs very tired. Bugs most often are also fixed by archs. Bat is huge, and as such any change usually creates bugs. Archs are usually the ones most qualified to track down and fix bugs without causing even more problems. On average however, this takes about 60% of an arch's non-idle connect time. This annoys most archs. Then, archwizards read news and find out that many players just want to make problems, or whine about the game. Most often players are very rude and have no regard for the time archs (and other wizards) put into even making this place playable at all. This angers most archs. Now after all this, there is very little (if any) time for an arch to code what he/she wants to do. Without such creative outlets the game becomes pointless. This depresses archs. So now you see that archs generally get cranky, tired, annoyed, angry and depressed just about every day. Now, when you ask for something stupid or inane, be happy the archwizard just doesn't go off the deep end and rm your character, your dog, your wife, your house etc.. While archwizards might be assholes now, you can see that they could (and should) be much worse.

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