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Help: World magic

Excepts from the Minutes for the Emergency Meeting of the Council of Magic Users As recorded on the Orb of Motivations by Sterian: "It has come to the attention of this council that some great changes have come upon the world in the last few days, in the form of extremely unusual magical upheavals. The goal of this meeting is to research these phenomena and to develop a plan for dealing with them." As recorded on the Orb of Reflections by Alderius: "Long ago, when the world was first created and only the first few races were in existence, magic was a rare and fleeting thing, wielded only by the gods. Gradually the power of magic filtered down into the mortal realms, and the first mages and sorcerors came to be. In that fleeting time, magic was orderly and freeflowing and truly powerful spells were in the reach of those few casters." ... "Only in the last 150 years or so has magic been truly commonplace. However, as more and more beings have learned to harness the forces that flow through the realms, controlling and wielding spells has become relatively difficult. However, this problem is frequently overlooked since our mage schools are so well prepared to handle these rigors in addition to the untrained minds of their students." As recorded on the Orb of Observations by Farseer: "As our understanding of magical forces has grown, so has our capability to harness and control those forces. The powers wielded by the modern mage far outstrip those of the profession in the last several hundred years. Unfortunately, it is rapidly becoming apparent that there are whole aspects of this level of magic which have never been anticipated. Cursory research in the last few days have pointed to magic being a much more fundamental part of the world than prior thought; so much more fundamental that it pulses through even the tiniest fleck of matter." ... "(Magic) seems to be in abundant supply, but it rushes in torrents from one place to another, flowing based on an untold number of factors. This is completely at odds with the orderly nature of magic as the histories describe it; it is clear that these histories are in desperate need of examination." ... "No truly devastating manifestations of these spell storms have been reported at this time. However, as the powers and chaos continue to grow, there is no telling what all might happen. Preliminary analysis indicates that objects exposed to these storms become extremely infused with magic, far beyond their norm, the results are as chaotic as storms themselves. Fortunately, such high levels of magic are anathema to the natural order, and they usually balance themselves out rather quickly." As recorded on the Orb of Thought by Sterian: "All resources at our disposal must immediately be thrown into further analysis of this strange effect. We must learn exactly what causes it and how we may control it. There is great potential here; for harm if these storms are allowed to develop and rage out of control, but equally well for good if we may harness the inherent power of this chaos." Thus concludes these Excerpts, released to the most promising researchers and defenders of the realm on the 24th day of Alystos, in the year 614 (And intercepted and revealed to the forces of chaos and destruction by the Warriors of Darkness, the following day)

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