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Hardcore BatMUD

HardCore BatMUD, or HC Bat in short, is a derivative of the Original BatMUD game. The HardCore version was inspired by Blizzard Entertainment's successful release of of Diablo II. Tomba of BatMUD decided to create this 'copy' of the BatMUD world, but in which the rewards and hazards were substantially greater. Thus, the HardCore version was created and opened for the general public on the 25th of December, 2001.


A character on HC Bat has considerably boosted physical and mental statistics - compared to what it would have in the Original, normal BatMUD. Similarily, such as magical items grant higher bonuses in the game. There is a drawback however; death in the world of HC Bat is permanent. Sooner or later your character will die, and there is no way of bringing it back to life. Your only option is to start over from scratch, and slowly work your way back to the top. You have been warned.

Even though the games are separate, HardCore BatMUD and standard BatMUD are built around the same engine, and periodic code synchronizations ensure that areas, guilds and items from BatMUD, show up on HardCore Bat as well. Hence HC Bat has no separate help file section; all the relevant guild, skill and spell information is available on the main game's website. The two games are also connected via an InterMUD communication system, enabling both private and public discussions among players.

If you, like many others, are tired of playing games that offer no true challenges, and no risks, HardCore BatMUD may be something for you. Say goodbye to your mental health, welcome sleepless nights, and step into the adventure of HardCore BatMUD - where horrors walk the streets of the living and where nothing escapes the grasp of death. For details how to get connected on HC BatMUD, please read the next chapter.

HardCore BatMUD runs on a host named, on the standard telnet port, which is 23. The weblink to connect (in numeric format) for the game is telnet:// If you are unable to connect to the default port, you can try to connect to port 2023 instead. HC BatMUD is playable through the usual mud-clients.

Note: Characters on HC BatMUD are not transferable to the normal BatMUD, or vice versa. The games are separate, even tho some of the underlaying systems remain the same. HC characters and standard characters have no way of meeting, or affecting the game of each other. You also cannot connect to HC BatMUD with Batclient.