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Evolution of the legendary text game

Helsinki, Finland June 10, 2011 Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry"), Finland and Mythicscape Ltd, Sweden are immensely proud to present the very latest version of our '1st generation' game client for BatMUD.

Since 2006, BatMUD has been actively developing its own multi-platform game client (for e.g. Windows, Mac and Linux, due to its Java-based engine and technology) to enhance playing and the user experience of online text adventure and roleplaying gaming.

Now in 2011, we believe that with our game client text-based hack and slash gaming is easily available to the "World of Warcraft generation" of younger players, who are more accustomed to the latest 3D gaming experience and mind-blowing graphics. This ultimately becomes a challenge for the competition, due to the unpreventable - aging game artwork; wherein BatMUD utilizes undoubtedly the best graphics engine in existence - Your own imagination.

Shortly described, playing BatMUD is like reading an epic book, only with you yourself being able to endlessly affect the outcome, accompanied by your friends or perhaps newfound friends from the game's active player community.

BatMUD was opened publicly and available on the Internet already back in 1990, making it one of the first and oldest existing massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and MUDs in existence. As of Today, BatMUD holds a total subscription base of 50,086 users out of which 4,100 subscriptions are considered active.

BatMUD™ and it's game client (Batclient) are and continue to be fully playable free of charge for all users. No subscription or other fees apply.

Download Batclient

The latest version of our game client will auto-update to v1.99 for all players by June, 12th. Update: Find the Changelog (What's new) here.