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BatMUD eSports Tournament

Espoo, Finland April 16, 2021

BatMUD streams live an eSports Tournament on it's 31st Anniversary!

Do you know any, any other 31-year old online game that would've held an eSports tournament and streamed it live on Twitch?! BatMUD takes yet another world 1st by again renewing itself, this time closer to the eSports generation; with the creation of a specialized 1-on-1 PvP arena with qualifications and a ladder ranking (see ladder for more information). Yes, this is text gaming on Twitch!

The quarter finals, semi finals and finals were held live during BatMUD's 31st Anniversary Tournament stream from GameCave in Finland with qualifying PvP'ers attending the event remotely. The rounds of fights were narrated by our seasoned BatMUD veterans Glaurung and Huppu as the duo of casters commenting, esports style with their very own distinct flavour.

The Tournament was won by Nepos in a last battle over Croesus, with Erasmus and Senson as the runner-ups.

You can access the full ca. 4h30m stream a limited time on Twitch (with Twitch chat visible) and also long-term on YouTube without the chat. We had one DSLR camera and two caster microphones malfunction at the start of stream, hence had some quality issues during parts of the stream. :) Nevertheless, challenges are great fun and we loved every moment of it.

BatMUD's Twitch channel is

The livestream event held also developer interviews and player-made greetings for the 31st Anniversary of the Game itself.

Event pictures in our gallery.