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BatMUD's 15th Anniversary celebration

B.A.T. ry held an unforgettable gala on Saturday, April the 15th 2005 at the legendary restaurant Kaivohuone in Helsinki, Finland. More than three hundred guests (who all were dressed in a suitable manner - an evening attire) from all over the world joined the celebration of BatMUD's 15-year long journey. The event can be described as the most successful gathering of players, wizards and other supporters of the beloved game. The party offered an exquisite and very delicious ''King's Feast'', the festivities included speeches, multimedia presentions, a karaoke corner and of course, hours of dancing and partying. Be sure to take a look at the Anniversary celebration's official pictures. Some journalists were also present; the oldest Finnish newspaper Keskisuomalainen wrote an article on the gala.