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Batclient attracts players to BatMUD

Helsinki, Finland February 8, 2008 -- Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry"), an award-winning Finnish organization dedicated to the development of massively multiplayer online games (MMO) announced today that it sees a gradual growth in players adapting to its flagship game ("BatMUD", through its official game client, Batclient; available as a free digital download.
Batclient (v1.61) is an excellent showcase on how BatMUD, one of the oldest MMO's and MUDs in existence is renewing its profile within the online gaming community. Batclient is a graphical fast-to-learn, customizable and lightweight game client with excellent features and solid development, possibly the most advanced MUD client in existence.
The Batclient strengthens the 1990 published BatMUD's hold as a leader in the text-based gaming market, despite the genre overall suffering from increased competition by graphical MMORPGs, which were developed through massive budgets and published by the most respectable of previously non-online game developer houses. Balanced Alternative Techniques ry claims to have reached the point of having produced a solid 'Product' that is comparable with the MMO genre, while being backed by the immensive history and wealth behind the actual game - BatMUD itself, and the results are showing.
A free to play, free to download and actively developed game client brings BatMUD closer to its cousins in the more new On-line Gaming genre by providing a modernized interface to the middle-ages fantasy themed BatMUD, which is claimed to be the most long lasting and richest experience available from the on-line RPG industry.
"Even though we're limited by the obvious financial boundaries, I believe that we have been able to produce a truly unique and playable product by drawing upon our age long experience on the industry and in building online communities", said Antti Luostarinen, Batclient lead developer. "By frequently releasing new features through our agile development processes, we're able to attain live feedback and improve, while still achieving the roadmapped milestones."
About Balanced Alternative Techniques ry
Balanced Alternative Techniques ry is a Finnish independent developer of free-to-play multiplayer games since 1992. The organization’s main focus has been to produce games with rich detail and immersive worlds, in which players from different cultures can develop social bonds through friendly competition and collaboration. Its flagship game, BatMUD -, has been enjoyed by over a hundred thousand gamers from all parts of the world since its creation in April 1990, making it one of the oldest and most successful free multiplayer Internet games.