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Batclient v1.90 released

Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry"), Finland and Mythiscape Ltd, Sweden are immensely proud to present the latest and greatest incarnation of Batclient, the Official Game client for playing BatMUD™.

The latest v1.90 has come a long way since the game client's original and first public release (v1.00) back in December, 2006. Being under costant development, Batclient has matured into a fully loaded mudclient, lifting the bar higher on every release - and boldly put, become the standard others compare their work to.

The version 1.90 was specifically planned as a playability and user experience release. With almost 60 new items and fixes on our internal feature track, we're glad to have covered many of the ideas and suggestions players themselves have reported as "must have" features - as a response to our gaming community.

Please, take a look and enjoy our work: playing BatMUD™ with Batclient (or any other client of your own preference) is FREE and remains so for all of our current 37,700 subscribers and new ones as well.

See how far text-based gaming has come to -- and the (r)evolution continues. 

Create a character -> Download Batclient.