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20 Feb 2004 17:01
It really pisses me off to see a player to get the tarmaguild leads after
playing a few days as a tarmalen and having a "tarma rank" of newly initiated
chosen or something.

My suggestion for the Tarmalen guild leader-system -> The leader system could
be like in the druids-guild, in which you are chosen for the job for a certain
period of time. In tarmaguild the time could be for example two weeks. The
leader would be the one, who would gain the most "points" during the two week
period. For every good deed you would get a certain amount of points. For
example -> heal 1000hp=5p, unpain=1p, bless=5p, tempt=1, raise dead=2p....etc,
etc. The people in the guild could give ideas how much points would a certain
deed be worth.

I think that the only reason for someone getting the leads should be the good
deeds (points) he/she does, not the amount of exp the person invests in
tarma-skills/spells in some certain time period or that the person is chosen
randomly. Also the "tarma rank" could have an affect on the gained points. For
example a person with a rank of "newly initiated" could have a multiplier of
1, when a person with "faithful chosen"-rank has 1,05. With this system one
would really have to earn his position as the leader of the Tarmalens.

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