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20 Feb 2004 17:07
As stated before, the Followers of Tarmalen need another way to choose their
Humble leader.

As I\'ve stated before, this is how I (personally, me, merioli, not anyone
else) would like to see our humble leader chosen, in a point based system
where you can retrieve points in a few different ways;

-guildage (time spent in guild)

-healing and \"protting\" (healing (including heal all)/keeping
people alive/fighting against death is the main priority of our guild)

-certain skills/spells would be worth points if high/maxed (cast heal, MoM,
heal all, you get the idea)

-rescueing a player from the brink of death (deaths door, first aid.. cheat
death, hah!)

-blessing/baptizing/tempting players (converting players to your own faith is
highly valued among most religions)

-curing a player from a disease or alike (cure player, remove poison, natural
renewal, satiate person, remove scar etc)

-bringing a player to life (raise dead, resurrect, new body ranging from less
to most points in that order)

I could also imagine having \"first\" and \"second\"
highpriest of tarmalen as a part of the leadership. Of course they wouldnt
have the same powers as the real leader but something accordingly to the

Just some thoughts, flame away.


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