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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.runemages > 20.03.2004 Update

20 Mar 2004 14:30
Hi there fellow Runemages,

Some changes have been made to the guild recently, warranting
a post to our little newsgroup.

First for some tune related issues. Three neutral spells have
been added to our repertoire, or will be once you find them.
Expect nothing grand, these are quite ordinary spells that are
found in most other similar guilds.

A system where the failrate of older and more active runemages
decreases was implemented a few weeks ago. The impact of the
original system was nonexistent and was now tuned to work with
relative as well as absolute values. I will not go to further
specifics, but in short, runemages who have been active for a
while should have slightly lower failrates, which have been
rather high for even the most accomplished guildmembers until
now. This tune will almost certainly be adjusted based on the
data gathered during the next few weeks.

Some general issues have also been addressed. The long awaited
'cast info' command is now functional and you can now
'use aether flow' to remotely view the contents of your runeshelf.
The guildleader also finally got some small perks.

I remind you again to send me ideas about fun guild emotes you
might think of, I can't promise I will be implementing them but
all input will be much appreciated regardless.

Best regards,
- Nalle

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