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15 Feb 2007 04:43
I would suggest a new skill to help the newbie priests. I would call it
"Faustian Bargain". Give it about a 10 minute duration. During that time,
spr goes up 5-10/tick, but your harm spells cost 10% more to cast. This
shouldn't affect newbies too much, but it would discourage too much use from
higher level players.

It might also make sense to create some sort of harm area that is comparable
in damage to hemorrhage. Once again, helps the lower level players much much
more than higher level players. To make it make sense in the context of
"touch" based harm. Force the player to cast some sort of dome spell first,
and then have them channel harm energy through the field that would arc out to
the mobs. Of course, there would be a chance to miss the "touch" on each mob
in that room much the same as a standard harm spell.


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