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23 Apr 2007 05:13

I spent about 2 months looking for wis restore potions.. never got any myself,
and only managed to get 1 otherwise. It restored a rediculous +1 wisdom.
Yesterday, a ress fumbled again, so I'm another -4 or -5 int, on top of the
other stats I'm missing now.

Could we (a) get some spell to give us an estimate of charisma (horribly ugly,
ugly, looks ok, pretty/handsome, gorgeous, etc) that we can cast to check our
target's charisma? This would take extra time, making it more of a pain to
ress - but at least would let us determine if its worth our risk.. or (b) make
those stat potions drop considerably more often.

As it is, I doubt I'll be ressing anyone, anytime soon - they can all pray for
all I care.. its not worth the fumble that happens every 6 months or so, when
those stats are, for all practicality, unrecoverable without reinc. My last
reinc was Jan 2005, and I don't have any plans to reinc soon -- so unless
something's changed, fuck them all - they can pray.

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