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16 Oct 2010 19:34
Alright when i say i'm a noob, i'm really a noob. I've never played any game like this (even though i love it) and i'm stuck. So if i could get some help it would be nice :)

1. How do i quit properly?

2. Where is the portal at Pleasantville to the shop thing?

3. How do i talk to people directly?

4. How do I wield stuff?

Any help would be greatly appreciated by me

thanks :)

Peace, Funk
19h, 2m, 39s old
17 Oct 2010 06:41
There is a help system in the game, type help <subject> in the game. Not perfect, but you will usually find out what you need, especially for simple subjects. Type help newbie in the game and read it, should get you started quite well.
Heres answers to your specific questions though.

1. help ld

2.pleasantville map

3. help say, help tell, help channels

4. help wield, help wear, help handling
3y, 183d, 14h, 36m, 10s old