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27 Jan 2011 13:34
This topic idea is trying to light up how the Tzarakk guild is working now days and maybe give some inspiration what could be done to make this guild more fun to play.

When the Tzarakk guild was made there was some growing pains to new LoC guilds and something had to be done. As Ulath told at our channel "In order to get ANYTHING done, I made this guild into an example for 'just pick up what's there, commercialize it (so to speak), and put it in the game'. If I had not done this, you would NOT have Kharim or Aelena either, as the status quo with insane plans and zero interest would have continued". Thanks to Ulath and other wizzes we have now three new LoC guilds at the game.. and hopefully we can see the nurgle guild also "in two weeks".

So why to make Tzarakk?
This is a newbie/solo friendly guild, because mount helps alot when you don't have to spend EP's when moving area to area. Also mount saddlebags can carry pretty much of "crap items" which you can sell to shops to get those gold to buy more equipments. Our mounts are pretty weak, but when soloing the mount usually don't take too much damage.

Tzarakk and parties:
When looking the Tzarakk roster we can see that Tzarakk players are pretty much newbie or solo players. Many of us still would like to party, but it's pretty hard when the other players really don't want us. Here is my short list of why I think that people don't like to party with us:
- our mounts takes pretty much damage at exp/eq parties.
- tzarakk guild doesn't give anything to party.. we're meat walls but any other melee guild can do that also, but usually other guilds have also other features to give some more potential to party.
- our mounts are pretty "hard" to handle in parties. Mounts don't follow to special exits and many EQ mob is behind the no-summon area where our mounts can't come.

What could be done then?
As Ulath told "It's basically a single-item wonder at the moment". Guild quests are always nice and fun! Also our mount doesn't do much. It would be nice to see that our mount or guild would give something to parties. It doesn't have to be anything uber but there could be even one reason why parties would like to take us in.

Ideas to do that:
These are just my examples.. don't take them too serious =)
- We got a throw down alot and in parties the Tzarakk without mount is .. well nothing. The game needs somekind skill to try to mount in combat (could work as switch weapon skill in combat).
- Quest with reward: magical whistle or something. With this item you could use to call your mount to no-summon rooms also. Would help alot to get mount to eq mobs which are behind these special exits and no-summon places.
- Rampage or some other skill to change that it doesn't make much damage but there would be chance to stun or interrupt the mob -> some reason why parties would like to have us.
- Able to buy/quest reward more protection to our mounts. The physical damage is the problem. Chimera with 50%pr in parties is pretty useless but if there would someway to get more +pr to mount lets say max to 80% it would make this guild viable in parties.
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