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16 Aug 2011 21:25
I may stick with this race/guild combo, even if it's not one of the greatest; because I really like playing it. But I would just like to know why playing as a Catfolk Ranger might be considered inadvisable (I found it in the inadvisable list). Does it mainly have something to do with the low constitution? Wouldn't a high dexterity make up for that?

I like the survival skills of the Ranger class, and I like the way how Catfolk are strong and agile, and dodge blows easily and are fast and stuff like that. Is playing this combination really such a bad idea?
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19 Aug 2011 18:33
Frontrow types actually need size a great deal. Size determines the variety of weapons you can hold, which impacts the price of doing damage a lot. Size also helps hps and damage directly a little. Con is also absolutely critical, but you can compensate for con much easier than you can compensate for size. Catfolk is an ok newbie martial artist race, but for a weapon user, I'd want something bigger.
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