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05 Oct 2011 17:01
I am new to muds and took up playing a catfolk monk. Every thing I have read says I should not play a monk as a newbie but I love the class. My question is:

What would make a good second guild to help me solo. I read that flex shield from druid is great for soloing but bad heals.

And what is the skill Ki. It says its automatic but there is a command for it..?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. My name is solok in the game and I am always running around the corn fields and for the most part running from the crazy druid. I just hit level 30 and I am working on getting my MA up so i can use my free level. Also I have been thinking about changing my race to human but we will see. Never knew I would enjoy a game that is text based.
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12 Oct 2011 02:14
You can do worse than monk as newbie, though you can certainly do better. It's nice to not have to spend any money at all on eq to do your damage, but the exp costs are of course high. Tarmalen is the typical secondary guild for most good_religious characters because it speeds up your recovery alot, helps deal with poison, and unstun in particular is helpful for staying alive.
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