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19 May 2009 18:05
This morning I woke up early and decided to go meet my good old friend
Kizarwexius who lives at the Lonely mountain. It so happened that
Kizarwexius was renovating the castle and asked if I could help with
the task. "Of course!", I exclaimed and was excited that the good
old' adventurer duo was once again together, ready to rumble. The days
with Kizarwexius always fly by very rapidly as nothing ever gets
dull when that old dragon is around. Kizarwexius had already been
able to renovate most of the place, but we thought that it might
be a good thing to paint the castle, because during the long years
the sea wind had been blowing so harshly that most of the colours
had already faded.

So we stepped out to the nearest hardware store and after long
hours or haggling the storekeeper agreed to give us the paint
cans free of charge, if we just promised to leave and never to
come back. So we started to paint the castle and about 12 hours
and 200 bottles later the castle was finally painted and some
hours after it stopped spinning in our eyes.

We noticed that a lot of paint cans were still left, but the
castle was already in good shape. Then Kizarwexius remembered
that I had an another friend, a grumpy one, but he could use
some paint. So we decided to take a ferry to Rothikgen and
we really loved the scenery and the archipelagoes on the sea
were beautiful. The other passengers kinda ruined our good mood
as they were complaining about the long cruise. "Why do they
even come to the cruise then, if they don't enjoy themselves?",
we wondered, but decided not to let those geezers get to
our nerves. Finally we came to Shadowkeep and found the quarry
where our old friend Kharim had his cozy abode. We met Kharim
who was very busy with all kinds of war stuff. We explained
that we had a lot of paint left and could really paint a little
bit of this and that as, let's face it, Kharim's place is very
gloomy and could use some colour. Like we said, Kharim was
very busy and told us to do what we wanted and got back to
his job, you know, ruling the world or something.

After some hours me and Kizarwexius had painted pretty much
everything that we could find and because of that the members
of the guild are now able to colour their shield attacks with
'kharim set' command. Thanks to me and Kizarwexius for
getting the job done, and also to Mr. Entor who gave the
idea in the real world.

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