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09 Jun 2010 23:12
Greetings Warriors of the Blood God!

With these bad news I come to thee. The Order of the
ghost liberators have gained such a following that
their holy war against our prominent lifestyle has
jeopardized our outposts greatly. Like always,
the legion doesn't look lightly when there's a
threat against the Blood God's followers. Therefore
the Black Order of Blood has taken actions to do
what is necessary to fight against the propaganda
of the forces of good.

The liberators believe in free will of the soul,
while the legion believes in dominance over the
weak. To strengthen the dominance over the souls,
the legion has hired a soul slaver who can guide
the legionaries in ways of building even more
powerful soul armies. He can be found a little
north of Deria's hut (question mark comes from boot).

The paladins and warrior-poets have also spread
rumours that the legendary vault of Kharim really
exists under the Hall of One Thousand Voices.

To cut down costs, the soul slaver not only
guides the legionaries, but also takes the
post of the new prison warden where the
warrior-poets and paladins are taken to be
tortured for spreading these sickening lies
about Kharim's vault, which obviously doesn't
exist, or does it?

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