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30 Dec 2010 04:38
Hello. As with many other Pupunen(tm) projects, most of which are open source
and publicly available, I am now announcing release of my own web-based
merchant services and items price calculator system for the general public.

The code is written in PHP, and requires PHP 4.3 or later, but PHP 5.2.x is
preferred. Otherwise there are no depencies, so you won't need MySQL or
anything like that. Some proficiency in editing HTML and PHP is needed, but
common sense and a text editor should be enough.

Latest version of the code can be found from Pupunen Subversion repository:

And as a live running demo, you can view the version I use for my own prices:

Unfortunately I cannot offer ANY technical support for this piece of code, if
you have questions and problems .. well, I guess you can try your luck and ask
me, but I am not going to help you set up PHP or so.

Ggr 'oh my god, they killed Valentina .. again!' Pupunen

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