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16 Mar 2011 14:49
In regards to Vesku's post about off tanking and the current discussion...

I would actually think a significant portion of the increased power of
offtanks comes from two major contributing factors.
1 - proliferation of high-end weapons. More and more high end weapons are in
game, with less and less players. people are more inclined to share eq and
it's rare to find an off tank without high end eq and a pair of tmakers or
something else.
2 - each new guild that comes out, has to be.. good, or it gets no players
(hello knights guild!), so sabres get to attack a ton more with cadence,
archers do sick damage, kharim does sick damage.. even liberators do great
damage (vs evil only mind you), but the point is, all the new guilds are tank
based, and focus on doing damage.

it isn't really any wonder that people a) try new guilds, b) want to tank wih
cool weapons that are more obtainable these days. so of course they'll do
more damage thant hey did before.


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