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18 Mar 2011 16:46
I have a couple of ideas for merchant guild that would make reincing back
into it a little bit easier. This is specifically in reference to
the skills Minecrafting, Chest creation, Chest trap creation, and
Chest lock creation. It would be neat if there were some sort of
quest, or series of quests, that would allow us to 'lock in' our current
percentages in each of these skills so that when (if) we reinc out
and then back into the guild, we dont have to grind soooo much time away
just raising them back to their proper levels. This wouldnt be a
permanent 'lock in' but only for that current reinc, so if you reinc
back in, you'd have to do those quests over again, to keep your skills
that high, the next time you might reinc, also if your skill goes up
after you have done those quests, you'd have to re-do them to lock in
the new percentage. This type of thing is not unheard of on bat,
Beastmasters can go on a 'taming spree' to lock in their beastmaster
quests over reinc. I'm also not thinking about quick-to-do quests
either, perhaps something like 'reach the breach 15 times' to lock in
minecrafting, or 'build 15 12-slot vaults' in 1 boot, that sort of thing.
They aren't hard to do, just a different kind of grind, and it would
allow returning merchants to jump back in with both feet, rather than
spending days or weeks getting their skills maxxed again.

Some other nifty merchant quests (that would reset on reinc) might
also include quests to lower the skill duration of some of our
extremely long skill duration skills, such as amalgamate, to help
move things along a bit faster.

Just some thoughts as I grind minecrafting up (for the first time
thankfully), and amalgamate all my lootz from it.


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