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05 Apr 2011 15:38
Blayke wrote:
now after that nifty tune by freld, how about tuning all the raped tmakers to
be equal to serpentynes or so and give the proper rarity it deserves
Yes and while at it, tune all the old raped eq like burgle crowns and asmo
rings done pre-today as well (make that all eq done pre-2011) ? and while at
it, make all wizard sale eq so that only the one who bought the eq from wiz
sale can use it (for example aether etc...) ?
And lets not forget all other burgle/asmo gears done before the latest uptunes
on monsters. "I cannot kill this monster and I want its eq tuned.." Please,
Ahvensurma, Endure and all other whiners, You have same possibility of killing
Grandmaster Torturer as me for its gear, why dont you use it and fuck off.

Amd Scinetist, the Mad Scientist.

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