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06 Apr 2011 09:40
Heya Merchies,

I was wondering on some input for an idea. Would anyone find it useful to add
a contracting system (similar to the loans system) in which a merchant and a
player could draft out a contract for shipwork? Here's how it would work:

The merchant buys the papers, and then fills them out. They're sent into a
brief interactive menu which allows them to set up details for a shipwork
order, whether it be a few class raises, module changes, or reinforcements, as
well as the timeframe to complete. Once complete, the merchant will mark the
payment type whether it be cash or transfer (cash would be "already paid"
whereas transfer would transfer the money from player->merchant when the
paperwork is submitted). If the merchant fails to complete the work within a
certain time period, they player would be able to apply for garnishing on the
merchant until the work undone is paid back (with a little interest). The
value of the work will be specified in an itemized list for the contract. Not
only would the contract serve as monetary protection, but it would also take
care of all the permissions for a merchant to work on a ship, only allowing
them to complete the certain module modifications, and nullify all permissions
if they fail to do so within the contracted time period.

This is just an idea, let me know what you guys think. The purpose is to
increase a little formality of the situation as well as protect the buyer and
merchant from being shafted.

-- Lord Tarken Aurelius, the Sage

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