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BatMUD Forums > Flame > How painful should the travel be anyway?

20 Jun 2011 20:22
Let's see. Pre-continent tune, everything was swimmy, I could speedwalk
anywhere in a second or two, and the life was good. Especially when I borrowed
Shinatastic walking shoes, and didn't even have ep issues.

As wizards are fundamentally evil, good times couldn't last. Continents
happened. Suddenly, you had to either spend many minutes on ferry, or spend
zillions of cash / couple of levels on wanderers and still wait minutes per
continent change and walk around a lot more too.

Then, Esiris - logical development, 5 minute? (or is it 10 minute?) cd on free
continent change, and no pain involved. Highly convenient when idling, or if
the ship was stuck in a wrong place.

And now.. ta-da, Esiris quests all 5 done, and we're suddenly back at spot 1, I
can again speedwalk wherever I want about instantly, sure, paths are bit
longer, but that's what mounts (or blue walking shoes) are for, right?

Somehow this whole continent thing ('slow travel is good travel') <>
esiris quests seem at odds with each other, I don't know why. Can someone
explain it to me? Or predict where the mud is going?

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