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12 Oct 2011 16:38
This is madness....wait, no, this is BatMud! And in Batmud, accidental kill
steals happen, particularly in high traffic cash areas. This could be a
potential solution, a "tag" command which would put a tag on the
short description of a mob which is being 'worked on' by someone, so that we
don't accidentally steal someone's project, if you will. It would last for
about 10 minutes, if actively being killed but only 2 if the person just
tags/leaves alone. This way, accidental kill steals will be less frequent.
Yes, I can see potentials for abuse in this command, but as I said, the tag
could last a much more limited amount of time if the person walks away without
trying to kill the mob. It could look like this: "A guard patrolling the
castle <tagged by:Rowen>" Hopefully, the more polite players, and
newbies who might not know better, would leave the mob alone.

Would this or something like it be doable?
Wow that idea is one of the suckiest ideas in a long while. Completely


disclaimer: impoliteness unintentional. you shall not be offended.

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