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20 Nov 2011 21:25
Okay, this is going to be both a whine and critique of the general area
placement "policy" (or perhaps it is just the way things happen instead of any
real planning) here in our beloved BatMUD.

The thing I have wondered since our move to the "new" Age of Exiles world (aka
the continents, aka ferrymud, etc) is why there has been such a strong
tendency to place areas so close together. It is as if there is some kind of
gravitational force to put things into clumps, even though we have VAST areas
of the continents being completely and utterly empty.

Yes, I can certainly understand this if there is some logic, such as
relationship of the areas (Foul's Creche, etc), and certainly many of the
newbie areas should be located near Arelium and Pleasantville. But then again,
newbie areas have those posts for transport, though I do not know if "newer"
areas have been added to their destinations.

I admit that I have a personal interest in this, as tight placement of areas
makes my (and the other) maps look cluttered and sometimes difficult to read.
It sometimes requires creative tweaking of area name label placement, or
inventing shorter de-facto names as "primary keys".

So, I whine, but I also raise this question whether it might be possible to
give this some thought in the cloud towers of our fine wizards, at least the
next time when slapping those areas on the map .. if the latest one cannot be
moved anymore.

Ggr The Mapper

2y, 265d, 1h, 9m, 30s old
20 Nov 2011 23:05
I would say that is quite natural, just look at china russian, usa or some
other bigger country. They all have areas with few city/villages and then some
where you can walk out of one city and you already standing in the next.
Most people just prefer to live near some other people, so it unlikely that
someone will build a house in middle of nowhere.

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