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28 Apr 2013 13:34
Dear Mr. Linkless,

Please be the newbie you are proud to call yourself, and recreate as Clueless.

You've probably made too much exp for that already, but that still leaves the
rebirth option open for a rename. Anyways, I'd like to congratulate you for
making me write my first flame post in 14 years on bat, happy anniversary ;)

You obviously have no clue what's involved to be an admin for this game. I'm
amazed time after time by the awesome additions the wizards keep coding for
this game. Still players choose immortality to contribute with no other reward
then the satisfaction of others enjoying their creation. The amount of time
and dedication needed for creating a guild, area, event, etc. makes organizing
a newbie giveaway charity event child's play. Saying the administration did
nothing at the anniversary for the playerbase is bullshit as well. The fixed
exp level (a lot of experience) for every monster resulted in more active
players last weekend then we've had in a long time. Add to that the numerous
benificial events like prosperity and tp bats, I had a blast this saturday.
Too bad we'll probably be suffering from bad exp tunes for some time to come

Shmuzin's newbie giveaway is a nice initiative, especially because it's a pure
player-to-player event. In that sense, in don't understand the need for an
admin-approved procedure. Personally, I didn't donate goods for the charity, I
prefer to party with new players every now and then, answer questions and try
to make them feel welcome. Although it's a long time ago, I fondly remember
the people that helped me get around in the world of batmud, but I do not
recall any of the eq donations I received, as I had no way to value them.

Hmm, I guess I suck at real flaming I'd like to give the finger to every
player that blames the BatMUD adminstration for not supporting a
player-organised charity event while the real charity is from the admins
donating their spare time to keep this game running.

-- Niliz.

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