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01 Nov 2012 22:00
The short information (the less insane version):

If you see some pieces or shards of old weapons dropping from
monsters, they have their uses in Kharim guild. These shards
may be used to customize blade descriptions and there might
also be some modifiers which give more options to the
swordcrafting process. Identify spell (shop should work too)
can be used to get more information of the specific shard.

The long information (the more insane version):

Why would you even read this? Well, here ya go!

We were sitting by a warm campfire yesterday as we decided to spend
a few days outdoors with Kizarwexius. After all, sometimes it is
good to get out so that all your time doesn't go drinking booze
indoors. So, Kizarwexius had brought a bottle of Glen Scanlan
whiskey and I brought a bottle of Bacardi Oakheart. We hadn't tasted
either of them, so we were very excited about our camping trip. As
camping wouldn't be any fun without stories, we decided to start
telling a few tales that we knew.

"I'll go first", said Kizarwexius, and I seconded that and took
a sip from a Kizarwexius's bottle that he had brought back with
him from some third world country he had visited the fourth of
July, which coincidentally was their independence day.

"Not bad Scotch", I said and Kizarwexius gave me a thundering
high-five, but my sixth sense said that the Bacardi should
probably be mixed with something so I opened a bottle of 7up.
Kizarwexius felt that rum was a drink for pirates and had
also brought few pieces of eight with him. They actually bottle
that Bacardi Oakheart in Germany so listening to Beethoven's
Ninth Symphony would have been more appropriate than Kizarwexius'
old Spanish dollars. But I didn't want to make a number of it.

Kizarwexius's story was about an old man who was about to get
married. Everything was alright just the day before the wedding
but it was about to get worse. The man's fiancee announced
that she was going to take the man's name after the wedding
and all hell broke loose. The man, seemingly furious, shouted:

"Take my name? Take my name? You cheeseheaded thief!"
How dare you! For I am the village chief!"

The news that the woman told was of course meant to make the
man glad and ordinarily a person would understand that the
woman was only referring that she would choose to use her
husband's family name. In this case however she didn't not
know that her husband would be so dense, but in all honesty
she might have been blind to that because her dreams were
all about setting up a white picket fence.

So Kizarwexius enthusiastically continued the story:

"Then the man took his sword to whack the namestealing harlot
but the woman ducked quickly and the sword hit a strong pillar
behind the woman and the sword shattered into thousands of
pieces. While the man was searching for another sword to hit
with, the chaplain scurried to calm the man down and explain
that the woman was in fact tried to make the man happy."

After the misunderstandings had been solved, the wedding
guests each wanted a shard of the broken weapon as a memento
of the wonderful event.

"A very nice story", I said and took a sip of whiskey.

"Actually a funny coincidence that there are those shards of
old weapons around the realm now.", I added and continued
"You think those shards have similar history?"

"That would be silly", the befuddled dragon said, and

"Those shards of weapons that you can now get from monsters
are all part of the Kharim guild and the guild members may
use them to customize their swords so that there are
a little bit different kind of short descriptions for blades
and some of those shards will also give some small bonuses. If
you find a shard, just throw it in the forge with the rest of
the junk."

"How do I know what they do?", I asked.

"You ask someone to identify them, stupid!", Kizarwexius replied.

"What if I don't even play Kharim?", I asked, desperately wanting
an answer.

"Well obviously you have done something right then", Kizarwexius
snickered at me, but then replied: "Good question. I suppose
you can then just sell those to general store or something. It's
not like you have any use for them unless someone wants to buy
it from you."

Having learned something new, I noticed I had emptied my Bacardi
Oakheart bottle in the process. So I asked Kizarwexius to
give me some Scotch, and the dragon just threw me a roll
of Scotch tape. Very funny. What kind of a person buys a roll
of tape as prop for their lousy jokes?

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