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01 Apr 2014 20:02
Hello all,

I know that some of you geezers have had the chance in RL to host/participate
or even be the main "man" in a bachelor party in Helsinki area. I have a task
to host this glorious event to my cousin at the end of May in Helsinki but
find myself lacking information about events and places as I'm not from inside
keh 3.

Here is where You can step in.

If you have great experiences / ideas / or whatever which could come handy
when arranging the party, please drop me an email to or use
the one in BAT, it is directed to the same address.

Some background information:

Guy in his 30's
Likes heavy metal and wears blackish clothes
Relaxed when sober but turns to "anything goes" when drunk
Likes whisky

That should be enough to figure what he can and will do.

I might reward some of the best ideas with hugs, kisses, random tells or most
likely with question.

Good ideas are welcome. Bad ideas, what will most likely happen.



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10 Apr 2014 14:21
Well, the standard way is of course that the bestman pretends that he is
having tons of fun, the groom is massively drunk and has to perform stupid
tasks in several public places and the rest of the posse is following a couple
of meters behind, slightly embarrassed.
This is then followed or perhaps usually, precluded by carting or paintball or

All of this is pretty much crap. Noone, especially someone being 30 already
won't appreciate any of it, except perhaps carting - which will consume your
entire budget. What everyone does appreciate however is a nice evening with
all the best friends, plenty of beer, sauna and more meat than anyone can
Somewhere near the water, naturally. For dinner I suggest making your own
chorizo. You'll need a meatgrinder, all kinds of herbs, some pig bowels and
all that. Takes a couple of hours to do with a handful of guys and it's lots
of fun.

You could start off with a whisky tasting, because he likes that stuff. I
don't know where that can be arranged but you could simply go to one of the
better whisky places in helsinki, or ask around at Whiskyseura if you could
get someone to hold a lecture/tasting. (I would personally love this!)

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