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09 Nov 2014 22:14
I see all these pieces of meat fur feathers leather bones from butchering.
Excellent for feeding mounts. Love it. Wouldnt it be groovy if there was a
skill that used these articles for a more focused purpose? Rangers with
butchering skill might use a piece of chimera meat/bones/fur as a catalyst of
sorts. With expert tracking/scouting/hunting skills they might be able to
hunt down similar smelling outworld creatures using their own mount supreme
smelling abilities. A stick and carrot--or bloody piece of flesh rather
approach to finding outworld mobs. Inverse of 'call animals' you go to them.
Sort of fits with the beastmaster/ranger theme. Using the same stick and
carrot method these might even be used to induce a blood lust frenzy on the
mount to boost its +hit. Specific meat butchered from an elf might be fed to
mount before using guided strike or feral strike as a motivating technique for
more precise hitting and bloodshed on elves. Might even create a 'meat market'
of sorts if mounts not the only ones stimulated by the meat but even savages
like barbarians and those that thirst for blood--Kharim.

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