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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.squire > hardest to tame and harder to use.

29 Sep 2015 23:19
Imagine there's a sword in game. Everybody has heard of this sword because it
is that powerful, but to get the sword you need to be a specific guild and
have completed quests as well as gotten specific magical items.
Now the sword isn't in game everyday. You have to look and look to find where
it spawns. And the act of getting the sword can kill you more often that not.
Now you finally achieve your quest and get the sword...
Then you go to use the sword and you get results like "your sword is baffled"
or "the sword does not respond" or "the sword's attack is avoided" or "the
sword falls from your hand" and only rarely does this "sword" hit a target.
Why would anyone want a weapon that is almost nigh-impossible to find and
misses very often?
In case you don't get my metaphor. High level mounts should be useful in
combat. There are too many fails especially versus high level opponents.
Un-tune guided strike. It's silly to have ancient drakes less accurate than
hunting griffons. Sure, the +skills bonus is nice, but that benefits every
guild capable of riding it. It shouldn't be less useful for the only guild
capable of acquiring it.

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