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BatMUD Forums > Batclient > Re: Move Shortcut Bar

18 Jun 2016 23:45
I've been trying to customize the client more to my liking. So far, I really
enjoy it but I haven't found a way to move the shortcut bar at all. It seems
permanently locked. Is there a way to move it and if so, how might I do that?
Thank you!

25 Jun 2016 11:07
If you press and hold on any button, you'll see a box outlining the shortcut
bar. This box is slightly bigger than the shortcut bar. Press and hold in the
area in-between the outline and the button, and you should be able to drag the
whole bar around. May be a bit tricky at higher resolutions. Otherwise, go to
your batclient folder/conf, and edit the x y values in the line that should
look like this <ActionButtons1 style="VERTICAL" x="1748" y="509"
visible="false" ontop="false">

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