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11 Sep 2019 06:23
Knight reputation system based on noble mount.
Knight lack a reputation system that make the players feel they are getting
more powerful when they play knight. Therefore I think create a rep system
based on mount name would be a cool concept here. I'll explain my
idea&system mechanism below.

Benefit from riding named mount
Knight can check their mount rep by typing knight rep xxx(mount name) and it
will show as a bar telling knight the rank of rep. Rep rank start as
apprentice->knight->crimson knight->veteran knight->knight captain.
Each rank gives more bonus to mount and knight himself.
Rep give both named mount and knight bonus. Named mount will get at least +str?
Knight get +skills, or maybe special fm on knight skills.
For example you have chance to fasten your knight off skills every turn, random
message like 'your coordinated attack with your mount just perfect enough that
you manage to hit enemy with your xx skill faster.' will pop as you are using
the skill.
Every knight can have at most 5 names bind with their rep. They can manage
which name is bind to their reputation system by typing knight rep add
xxx/knight rep del xxx.

Reputation is bind with name not mount
Reputation is bind with name not mount, therefore even if you lose your mount
by accident, you won't lose rep because you can still name another mount with
the same name to get the bonus.
This mechanism also make knight's rep is not restricted to any type of mount or
any certain mount.
This can also have interesting effect on noble animist mount spell so you can
apply your knight reputation to animist mount, which further enhance
animist/knight as a mounted guild build.

How rep is gained
Rep can only be gained if knight is riding a named mount that is registered in
their rep system, using knight rep add xxx to add a name.
Rep can be gained by
1) killing mobs can slowly increase your rep, this is similar to animist mount
2) take prisons while riding named mount can give you rep, but there is a
cap/limit on how much rep you gain everyday from taking prisons.
This will make skill take prisons more meaningful. Because now after a knight
finished the valar path they will never use this skill again.
It would be easy to gain rep at first few levels but it's getting harder and
harder to get higher levels. So knight can have multiple mount name with low
rep but one name/mount they use most frequently.

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