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22 Apr 2017 12:28
Deathwish had an awful day.

He was idle on his massively powerful Undead Chimera and my folklorist
decided to get a study mark from it. For some reason, I thought mounts
couldn't aggro the same way regular mobs did.

Predictably it attacked and nearly killed me in 1 round. I sent an apology,
and didn't think anything more about it. Unfortunately, as i understand it,
Deathwish was mounted.. and by initiating combat with Void (chimera) , he
became unseated and since he wasn't riding.. his mount was lost to boot.

Apparently he also lost 5 more mounts when his ship was sunk (not me).
Probably in a similar situation.

I think considering the time it takes to catch the best mounts.. There should
be an option in Beastmasters that considers riding time. Familiarity with
the mount (ie days. months, ) and it'll find its way home.

If I lost my Riftwalker entity like this..
that'd be it for me...

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