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28 Feb 2017 00:16

Tree Herding

Hello everyone I just wanted to share some information about this
about Tree Navigators with you all. I've been a Tree Herder since
the guild arrived over four years ago, so I'm sure there is something
for everyone (new and old players).

Reasons to join:

1. Tree navs get one spell, which allows you to use any Navigator Tree
for free.
2. Tree navs get one skill, which allows you to create your own
Navigator Trees.
3. You can creat your own personal transportation to specific locations.
plant one outside your city!
4. You can potetially create a network which brings in profit.
5. It is very cheap to create two trees and link them to eachother
6. Tree navs are a 3 level guild, and can fit into any reinc plan.
7. If you'd like a very boring version of Tamagotchi.

Reasons not to join:
1. If you don't log on once every ~2-3weeks your trees will starve!
2. Creating trees, for casual use is cheap! Adding many links to trees
is very expensive and increases exponentially.
3. It won't replace Navigators, or Wanderers.
4. Many of the "hot spots" are already claimed - Nav trees can not be
placed too close to one another.
6. Nefariously slow rep system, No one has currently "maxed" it and
no one knows what happens if if can be maxed.
5. If you'd really hate a very boring version of Tamagotchi in your life.

Fun Facts

-Navigator Trees are indestructable and will insta-kill you.

-Ayone can feed a Navigator Tree, not just the owner!

-If left uncollected Navigator Trees hold infinite money.

-Navigator trees can not be linked-cross continent

-1/3 of the fees collected to to the owner, 2/3 goes to Zin. >:|

-For questions, comments or creative suggestions please ask!

Tree Herder Blax

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