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06 Apr 2017 02:42

Asmodeus, the Overlord of all the dukes of Hell, will die on Monday 17.4.
by the righteous forces of the Nightlife+ society. The kill party will
form and begin the duty of relinquishing the realm of this ultimate evil
at 21:00 EET.

In order to slay Asmodeus the kill party needs your help. We'll need blood
sacrifice of brave warriors at the time of the killing to further our
cause. Everyone who sacrifices themselves in this way will be compensated
with an Asmo lottery ticket and rewarded with gold.

Ellash will be handling the sacrifice queue. If you have any questions
about queueing, please contact him.

The following items will be shared among the lottery winners:
a mithril ring
a skull
a glass jar with a part of brain in it
a pair of boots made of fog
a golden medallion with five onyxes
a large signet ring with an onyx
thick golden ringband
glowing bracelets
a short cloak of feathers
a ghoul skin boot
a satyr tail bracelet
a silk belt with glowing buckle
a water lily garland
kraftigar, trident of darkness
trauers, consumers of light
Pendant of Quickness
a runed blue belt of unholy resistance
a pair of legendary Maze Master's gloves
blue bracelets of magic
black shadowy cape
Black Reaver's armour
Black Reaver's Axe
Black Reaver's gauntlets
black horned helm
red crystal wand
sword of wonders
crystallic amazon battlesuit
dull white circular weenite gem

More detailed information to follow as needed.


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23 Apr 2017 12:05
Asmodeus died as planned on 17.4. by NL+ forces. Lottery was held and
the following players won the following prizes. Lottery was performed
by giving the 70 players numeric values according to their level dependant
amount of shares and checking random numbers from Winners should
contact me for delivery.

Dargund: Crystallic Amazon Battlesuit
Voronoi: Black shadowy cape
Inferno: Blue bracelets of magic
Pisano: Mithril ring
Kenzi: Dull white circular weenite gem
Malcom: Runed blue belt of unholy resistance
Banba: Pair of boots made of fog
Scatman: Golden medallion with five onyxes
Jezu: Large signet ring with an onyx
Navsk: Red crystal wand
Durtle: Cloak of feathers
Klint: Pair of legendary Maze Master's gloves
Woodrow: Black reaver's axe
Eronk: Kraftigar, trident of darkness
Humma: Glowing bracelets
Kanis: Water lily garland
Glaurung: Ghoul skin boot
Zumbalo: Sword of wonders
Bogle: Black reaver's gauntlets
Delion: Thick golden ringband
Kalahar: Black horned helm
Cruegar: Pendant of quickness
Theramon: Trauers, consumers of light
Juhani: a Skull
Jarlaxle: Black reaver's armour
Searc: Silk belt with glowing buckle
Maktur: Satyr tail bracelet
Darkahven: glass jar with part of a brain

Cleared my ignore list for the time being for the deliveries.

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