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22 May 2022 02:35
What do players think?

My understanding is that barbs are supposed to be stunners and hardhitters,
Still barbs do not stun the mobs 100%, they do hit back unless it's a 5 round
lure(not sure if they hit back even then)
Sure the 3-4 round lures make barbs(and everyone else in the party) hit

So the main abilities do not shut down mobs 100%(I guess they used to back in
the days but it was for some reason removed)
And there's nothing barbs can do to avoid the damage, unless they take
secondary guilds like kharim or cavalier which are not optimal for barbs
because they need the regen and decent offskill from ranger.

Meanwhile liberatoranimisttarma dishes more damage, has regen spells and can
stand more damage/regen much quicker from it.
Reavertzarakk same story.

And both of those example guilds can kill stuff easily with the in and out
technic due to fast skills/spells.

Not going to compare all the guilds with Barbs, just trying to make a point
here. When has barbs been updated in a positive way?
Only thing that gave something to barbs were the introduction of barsoomian
into the game. But it's just stupid that one needs to take a certain race to be
somewhat succesful with a certain guild and all even that only brings more
damage, it doesn't fix the main problem with a barbarian which was the lack of
self heal/ep regen/defence/stuns do not actually stun.

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22 May 2022 02:35
I've been told my post has raised a lot of confusion in some channels and I've
received 2 tells about this matter but can't figure out why no one makes a
reply to this post though.

Would have been nice to see all the opinions others have and maybe it would
have changed my mind or at least could have discussed about how noob and stupid
I am(always a fascinating topic imo). Is there something I'm not seeing other
than myself having to sit at regens more than I'm spending time playing my
character EVEN when I'm a rangerbarb?

I'm still thinking that barbs should have something else going for them than 2
ep starving stun moves which do not stun and can be used once per mob.
What was the reason to code stuns not stunning? Were tigers too op? Was it the
bot+regen pots? Mobs were too easy in a party with a lot of stunners in it?

Also as a side note.. barbs can't really advance higher after a certain amount
of rep. Rangers also have nothing to look into once skills are maxed. There's
just no room for improvement in those 2 guilds and there's quite a few guilds
like this in the game, at least when speaking of guilds that require 35 levels.

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