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13 Feb 2018 13:57
So the new Meltdown/Spectre updates from Windows royally fucked my ability to
use Batclient.
Fow Windows 7 all api-ms-win-core-*.dll's have been removed, so basically whole
.Net Core, ect is gone.
If some1 has a workaround for this or knows how to get batlcient to work on
Win7 again, plz reply to this.
And before you tell me to just get those dll's manually, i already tried that.
There is like 30+ needed, some can be found from varoius sources from the net,
but many i could not find.


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14 Feb 2018 00:55
Seems like deleting conf folder could make this work on patched win7. Dont
know why.. Could some1 tell me? i had similiar problem before. And only way to
fix it was the same, fiddle with the OS and del conf from user files.


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26 Dec 2018 23:34
I failed to find how to start a new thread, but I suppose this will
do as well. €xcuses for supposing!

The problem or issue, I'd like to be addressed is that installing
the client from user profile sudoing admin as I expected that would
install the client for every user, installed in admins user-path,
so it seems I got access to win-admin path where all the files are.

logs I could move to my normal user account after logging for admin
some lines.

This might as well be considered windows 7 problem, but the winsoft,
the least I'v installed - do ask whether to install for everyone or
just current user and the rest does it for everyone if one does
'sudo'. I'd put the phrase of exceptions and rules here had i some
knowledge of logic. Mutterit mun päässä on pakkasella niin kylmiä!
Ne lämpenis pyörittämällä, jos ei olisi kierteitä ja mulla ei ole
voimaa, eikä halua sorvata enempää näitä muttereita, kuin mitä olen
jo jakarilla vähän mäiskinyt...

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